Usefulness of Grapes

Grapes – it not only is tasty, but also it is useful. We will tell, then grapes and why it is necessary for an organism are useful. And also, you learn what caloric content and amount of berries, which is recommended to be eaten in day.

Grapes have such useful treats:

  •     Contains vitamins A, C and B6. In house grades of vitamins it is more, than in selection.
  •     Is a source of such valuable minerals as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc.
  •     Slows down processes of aging thanks to flavonoids with strong antioxidant action.
  •     Strengthens heart and dilutes blood, insuring against heart attacks.
  •     Useful properties have also grape seeds. They contain vitamins of group A, E and K and also the rejuvenating oils.
  •     Grape skins promote a conclusion of slags from an organism.
  •     Dark grades of grapes strengthen immunity and normalize work of an organism. If you are inclined to an allergy, refrain from the use of dark grades of grapes. The color of berries is more dark – the more probably the allergy will have an effect.
  •     Takes off fatigue and quickly restores energy.
  •     Improves work of airways and helps at asthma.
  •     Replaces desserts at a diet. The advantage of grapes will give odds to any cake or candy.

Many adherents of healthy food are afraid to eat grapes. Its caloric content and sweet confuse also those who try to lose weight.

Actually, to worry there is nothing. A set of weight happens not because of grapes which only awaken strong appetite.

If you give in to temptation and begin to eat strenuously, will gather superfluous. If your will is strong and you will be limited to several berries – will remain in an excellent form.

Caloric content of grapes averages only 67-70 calories on 100 g.

But you should not abuse useful delicacy. Try to eat no more than 10-15 large berries a day.

As well as with any other natural product, with grapes it is necessary to know sense of proportion.

If you consume berries intelligently, then receive the maximum advantage of grapes and suffer its curative action.

Usefulness of grape leaves

Useful properties have not only berries of a plant, but also leaves. They are rich with cellulose, vitamins A, B, C, K, PP and ascorbic acid which has metabolic effect. Minerals are a part of leaves of a rod:

  •     manganese;
  •     magnesium;
  •     iron;
  •     calcium.

Often, they are added to a diet by the people suffering from hypostases and venous insufficiency. Leaves use as addition to dishes. They are troubled together with tea to reduce spasms in a stomach at periods.

Powder from dried leaves is applied as antiseptic for processing of wounds. At its mixing with cream the mask which removes skin peeling will turn out. Couple of leaves kill bacteria in a mouth – they reduce risk of developing of caries on teeth.

Bon appetit and good luck!