Choosing Best Egg Cooker Guide 2023

Making a perfectly boiled egg is not easy as it seems, as there are many people who struggle to do so. Living in this age of new technologies and inventions around every corner, still struggling to make boil eggs seems a bit backward right? But when you’re boiling an egg, a lot of things need to be considered. These include the egg-to-water ratio, type of utensil to be used, cooking time, and type of eggs. If the egg isn’t boiled properly, it can turn into a complete disaster.

Now there are amazing tools available for boiling eggs that can allow you to boil multiple eggs quickly without breaking them. Having an egg cooker in your kitchen can simplify your task of cooking eggs as it doesn’t only allow you to boil eggs but also cook delicious omelets. An egg cooker saves a lot of time as it can cook multiple eggs at a time. To help you choose the best egg cooker according to your needs we have compiled a buying guide that answers all your questions.

Why an egg cooker in your kitchen is necessary?

Gone are the days when you used to break the egg with a fork or your knife and be careful about the eggshells. Now you don’t have to worry about your eggs breaking or cracking because egg cookers offer the most convenient way of cooking. If you’re passionate about perfectly cooked delicious eggs and want to save your time too, having an egg cooker in your kitchen is necessary. An egg cooker can turn your dull mornings into bright ones by saving your time and allowing you to cook perfect eggs.

Whether you prefer your egg hard boiled, soft boiled or poached, you’ll get amazing results with an egg cooker. If you have the right egg cooker, you don’t even have to keep an eye on it or wait for the water to boil. You can have them boiled or cooked in a fraction of second and save a lot of time. Without an egg cooker you have to take care of a lot of things such as the temperature, utensils, type of eggs and more. When you are boiling an egg, because of the shell around them you never know what’s happening inside and whether they’re cooked to your requirements or not. So, without an egg cooker it is very difficult to boil them perfectly whether you’re making hard boiled, soft boiled or poached ones.

However, cooking an egg shouldn’t be very hectic as it is a nutritious food and can be made in a lot of ways. An egg cooker will end all these challenges and obstacles lying in your way of cooking a perfect egg. Egg cookers are not called as egg boilers as they can be used to cook and boil eggs both, and they can cook multiple eggs at a time.

Benefits of an electric egg cooker

An electric egg cooker offers the most convenient way to cook eggs and that too in a matter of minutes. Following are the features of an electric egg cooker which make the cooking task an easy-peasy one.

  • One-touch power button – you just have to put the eggs in the electric egg cooker and then use the one-touch power button and set the timer accordingly. Most of the electric egg cookers can cook 6 eggs at a time but you can cook less than that – even just one egg. When the eggs are done, the audible alert will let you know that the eggs are ready.
  • Size – Another benefit of an electric egg cooker is its size. This gadget has a very compact size and it can fit easily in any of your kitchen cabinets. You can also place it on the counter or on the shelves since it doesn’t take much space.
  • Trays – there are trays included for you so that you can choose your preferred cooking style such as hard boiled, soft boiled, or poached ones.
  • Measuring cup – A measuring cup is there to help you put the water accordingly so that your eggs are cooked nicely and perfectly according to your preference. At the bottom of the cup, there is a ‘pin’ feature that allows you to break the shell.

How to choose the best egg cookers

There are many egg cookers available in the market and before you buy one, you must compare the functions and features so that you don’t end up with a wrong product for your needs. Following are some important factors you should consider before buying the best egg cooker:

  • Egg holding capacity – one of the main benefits of electric egg cookers is that they can cook multiple eggs at once. So, the first thing you should consider is the amount of eggs that the cooker can hold. There can be variation in how many eggs the cooker can boil. Also, there can be different number of trays for making omelets or poaching eggs, so you must check your requirements first.
  • Alarm features – the most annoying thing while boiling an egg is to waiting for it to be done. You never know when the perfect time to turn off the stove is after the water reaches its boiling point. However, with an electric cooker, you don’t have to wait and watch all the time. An advanced electric cooker turns off automatically when the eggs are done and some of them have the ability to notify you through an alarm too.
  • Material – egg cookers are mostly made up of aluminum, stainless steel, plastic or a combination of these. Mostly the inner material is made up of metal and the heating plate is of a conducting material, while the lid is of plastic. Plastic lids are good because they allow you to see what’s going inside and they don’t get very hot too. However, plastic ones are not as durable as compared to their metal counterparts.

Best Egg Cookers List


Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker
  • One of the best cookers available on the market

  • Timer with automatic shut off

  • Perfect for picky eaters

  • Capacity - 6 eggs

  • Perfect fo boiled, poached, scrambled eggs or omelets.
  • Elite Cuisine EGC-007

    Elite Cuisine EGC-007
  • Lifetime limited warranty

  • Able to cook up to 7 eggs in soft, medium, or hard boiled firmness

  • Super easy to clean

  • Built-in cooking timer and auto-off

  • Measuring cup with firmness marking is included.
  • Dash DEC012AQ Deluxe

    Dash DEC012AQ Deluxe
  • Can cook up to 12 eggs at a time

  • 2in1 - can steam vegetables too

  • Includes poaching tray, omelet bowl, egg holder trays, measuring cup

  • Recipe book and recipe database access included

  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Cuisinart CEC-10

    Cuisinart CEC-10 Egg Central Egg Cooker
  • 600-watt heater

  • Cooks 10 eggs in shells to a 3 consistencies: hard, medium or soft.

  • Omelet tray with 3-egg capacity

  • Poaching tray with 4-egg capacity

  • Blue LED indicator

  • Built-in cord for easy cleanup

  • Measuring cup with piercing pin included
  • How do you clean egg cooker?

    Cleaning an egg cooker is not a difficult task but you must consider some safety measures too. Cleaning an egg cooker regularly is imperative otherwise grease or residue accumulates in the cooker and can affect its performance. To clean the egg cooker, you must read the manual of the appliance first because different appliances can have different instructions. Always make sure that the appliance is switched off when you’re cleaning it. Of course, it must be cooled down properly if you have used it some ime before you start cleaning.

    Materials needed:

    • Soap
    • White vinegar
    • Microfiber cloth

    Cleaning steps:

    • An important thing to keep in mind is that an egg cooker is not dishwasher safe because the high temperature can cause the plastic to melt or distort. So first you’ll have to wash the egg holder tray, lid, poaching and steaming trays with a mild detergent and then wipe it off with a dry and soft cloth.
    • The heating vessel or the main body should be cleaned with a damp cloth and it is not recommended to use any rough or abrasive cloth that can scrub the material. After cleaning the main body you can use water and vinegar mixture to clean the body so that there is no mineral deposition.
    • Dry the main body with a dry cloth and never immerse the electric chord or boiler base in water when you’re cleaning the equipment.

    How long does an egg cooker take?

    If you and your family love eggs, there is good news for you; eggs can be cooked in 10 minutes. However, the time of cooking will depend on the amount of water you’re going to use for cooking the egg. The amount of water itself depends on the level of hardness you want for your boiled egg. You’ll be notified by a beep or an alarm when the water has finished by completely evaporating. Most of the egg cookers take 6 to 12 minutes to boil egg but the exact cooking time will depend on many factors such as the wattage of the appliance, water used, and the number of eggs.

    To boil an egg, you need to pour a fixed amount of water on the metal body and then set the raw eggs in an insert. To cook a soft-boiled egg, you’ll need to put only a little amount of water whereas for cooking a hard-boiled egg you’ll have to fill the body with good amount of water.

    Ways to cook eggs

    Egg cookers offer a simple and fast way to cook eggs and they are easy to clean too. Whether you want to cook soft, hard, scrambled or omelet you can easily cook with an egg cooker. Following are some ways to cook eggs in an egg cooker:

    Hard-boiled and soft-boiled eggs

    hard boiled eggs

    Hard-boiling is an easy task and most egg boilers are designed for boiling six eggs at a time. Hard boiling eggs gets easier than ever with an egg cooker and your precious time is saved. You just have to put the eggs in the insert, pour water according to the required amount and then push the button. Many egg cookers have indications for filling water in the measuring cup for hard boiled eggs which can make the task easier. When your eggs are done you’ll hear a beep or alarm.

    For soft boiled egg you just have to pour the water up to the soft level in the measuring cup. Rest of the boiling process is same. Soft boiled eggs can be done in less than 5 minutes.

    Poached eggs

    To poach an egg, you have to break the egg first before putting it into the poaching tray set in the cooker. Now pour the water in and press the start button. One thing you have to ensure is not to overcook it, otherwise it will stick to the pan. Just pour the water till the medium level in the measuring cup for cooking poached eggs.


    For cooking an omelet you’ll need the plastic tray. Pour the water into the measuring cup up to the medium level and put it in the metal body. Now put all the veggies you want in the omelet such as onion, tomatoes, coriander, and chilies and then pour the beaten egg on them. When the omelet is done you’ll be notified with a beep. If you want to cook individual omelets you can use the tray which is divided into two portions.

    Electric egg cooker vs boiling

    An electric egg cooker works by steaming the egg and it’s a different way to cook eggs as compared to boiling them. Both methods of cooking eggs have their pros and cons and it all depends on your preference. Following are the differences between an egg cooker and boiling:

    Egg cooker

    • An egg cooker cooks an egg in lesser time as compared to the boiling method.
    • It can cook multiple eggs at a time.
    • An egg cooker lets you know when your eggs are cooked.
    • It gives a smooth and silky texture to the boiled eggs.
    • The egg yolk turns out to be brighter in color and it has a wet texture.
    • Peeling the eggs gets easier.


    • It takes more time to cook egg.
    • You never know when your eggs are done.
    • The whites have a more rubbery texture.
    • Peeling gets difficult particularly if you try to peel them before correct time.

    Gone are the days of standing over the eggs boiling in a saucepan or flipping omelets in a frying pan. Electric egg cookers offer an easy and incredibly time saving way to cook eggs. These appliances allow you to make a wide range of dishes: boiled eggs – both hard and soft boiled – perfectly poached eggs, or even omelets – with or without vegetables. This adaptability of the egg cooker to make whatever your specific requirements are makes it a very popular appliance for busy individuals everywhere.  There are many cookers available in the market and you can get the best one for yourself by considering the factors stated in this post.