Importance of Breakfast for Proper Nutrition and Metabolism

Hello, fans of a healthy lifestyle. It is sure, each of you wants to wake up with good mood and to remain with it till the evening. You understand that our cheerfulness is influenced by many factors. Now I want to tell you, about the correct eating habits with which it is necessary to begin day. Importance of a breakfast is indisputable. It sets all rhythm of all next day. The first early meal starts metabolism, accelerates it, increases intellectual and physical working capacity, loads us with energy, helps to support normal body weight.

Important meal

You, probably, now think about yourself “I perfectly live also without breakfast” or “To me to drink tea or coffee enough”. You are mistaken! And moreover, you harm yourself. Some substances which are in tea or coffee worsen a condition of a gastric path. Therefore, be not surprised if on professional survey doctors find gastritis in you. Or perhaps you also will run to the doctor because you will be tortured by dyspepsia.


And you know that hatred to work and to the life can be a consequence of improper feeding? A depression, uneasiness, irritability – it is bad if you test it too often. Everything should be changed! And it is necessary to begin with food.

If there is no appetite

“But I early wake up in the mornings and I do not want to eat yet”. To force itself or not? No, but you can “play” appetite.

  • Drink a glass of water, at once as you will wake up;
  • Take a shower;
  • Work yoga or you descend on jog.

I guarantee, the appetite will appear during this time. In addition, you watch that you eat for dinner. Do not overload the GIT for the night, at this time processes of digestion are slowed down. In this case, you can have even feeling of weight in the mornings.

Important rule – say NO to fast carbohydrates

Correct breakfast

“Useful” cereal flakes with milk are a myth. Attentively read structure of products when you go shopping. Understand, it is important. Stop to poison the organism. Yes, carbohydrates are acquired better in the morning. However, they have to be complex. For example, eat porridge. And if you the sportswoman or your work is connected with physical efforts, it is the best of all to give preference to proteinaceous breakfasts.

Fruit – advantage or harm

On a hungry stomach neither fruit, nor vegetables, nor natural juice it is impossible to use. These products increase production of gastric juice, but food which could be split, in a gleam is not present. Therefore, aggressive acids begin to destroy own wall of a stomach. However, some vegetable products are allowed in a diet: watermelon, bilberry, mango, raspberry, blackberry, the baked apples, greens.

Yogurt and kefir also increase production of hydrochloric acid if you need proteins – eat an omelet.

Drink water during breakfast

glass of water

It is impossible to drink water within 15 – 20 minutes after a meal is a myth. If you ate a dry piece of meat or roll (though it is not so useful), then you need to add liquid to the organism. In this case, it will promote the best digestion of food.

Let’s sum up the results. What to eat for breakfast:

  • Whole-grain bread,
  • Honey, natural zephyr or fruit candy, bitter chocolate
  • Eggs,
  • Kashi (corn, buckwheat, oat, wheat),
  • Wheat sprouts,
  • The boiled or baked fish,
  • Stewed vegetables or ragout,
  • Soups,
  • Chicken meat.

plate with an easy dinner

What NOT to eat:

  • Rolls, croissants and all other pastries on yeast,
  • Sweets with the high content of sugar,
  • Fermented milk products,
  • Apples, pears, citrus, bananas, grapes next the heart
  • Tomatoes, green vegetables,
  • Hot dishes,
  • Carbonated drinks, juice,
  • Flakes, muesli,
  • Fast food, sausage sandwiches.