Pros & Cons Of Carrots

Carrots which advantage is known even to children – one of the most available and tasty vegetables. Learn about what diseases can be prevented if to use a sweet root crop in enough. And also, we will tell how many carrots to eat not to do harm to an organism.


Carrots have such iridescent color thanks to carotene which, getting into a human body, will be transformed to vitamin A. Culture is vitamin-rich groups B, D, E, PP, C, K. Also, vegetable contains vital micro and macrocells: iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium.

Thanks to the structure carrot positively influences such bodies and systems as:

  •     Cardiovascular system. Carrots strengthen walls of vessels and a cardiac muscle, eliminate cholesterol, the stroke, atherosclerosis, a varicosity warns.
  •     Eyes. Useful properties of carrots help to cope with a night blindness, deterioration in sight, retina pathologies.
  •     Gastrointestinal tract. Carrots are recommended to eat with that who suffers from disorder of digestion, a lock.
  •     Kidneys and liver. An orange root crop – good antioxidant. For this purpose, recommend to use boiled carrots. Vegetable also helps to cope with cholelithiasis.
  •     Skin. If to eat carrot in enough, then skin will longer remain young. Vegetable extract is widely used in cosmetology. Doctors found out that carrot gruel promotes healing of purulent wounds, disinfects and anesthetizes.
  •     Immune system. It is proved that carrot juice positively influences formation of immunity, normalizes a metabolism. Carrots are used at catarrhal diseases and also prevent cancer diseases.

Caloric content of carrots is low – only 41 kcal on 100 g of a product.

Carrots which advantage does not decrease at heat treatment are used in a crude and boiled look.

Carrots: harm and contraindications (CONS)

The healthy person is recommended to use 3-4 carrots a day. To children one small root crop a day suffices.

If the organism receives vitamin A a little more norm, then nothing terrible will happen. But if search is too big, then collateral reactions appear: nausea, rashes, fatigue, dizziness.

  • Carrots or its juice in a large number can do much harm to people who have the following diseases:
  •     Gastrointestinal diseases in an aggravation stage.
  •     Allergy to carrots or separate elements in its structure.
  •     Stones in kidneys of the big sizes. Carrots have the cleaning and diuretic effect therefore it is used for removal of sand from kidneys. The frequent and considerable use of a root crop can promote advance of large stones that is dangerous by blockage of channels.
  •     Chronic diseases of a liver. To cope with a large amount of beta carotene, the liver needs to work fairly. Therefore, if in work of body there are violations, then it is better to coordinate amount of carrots in the menu with the doctor.

Each of us can regale on useful carrot. If there are no serious contraindications, eat vegetable on health and increase immunity!