Protein powder: advantage or harm?

Happy new year dear readers and fans of sporty and a healthy lifestyle. In today’s article we would like to raise very important question which to us is asked, nearly, an every day. Whether the protein and if it is not harmful, then what advantage from it is harmful? If you do not want to read all article, and you need the answer, then here it: the protein is not harmful. If proofs of our words are necessary, continue reading article, and we will in detail tell you about everything.

So, for a start let’s understand what is “protein”? The protein is a protein. In English of squirrels sounds and it is written as protein. And as, marketing specialists of the companies – producers of sports food not really liked the simple word of squirrels on packing of their production, they made the decision and called the product “protein”. That is, the protein it is also protein. And protein is very important for growth of muscles. Other question is in how it is made.

Production of a protein

In production of a protein there are no secrets, any dairy plant can produce this powder if it has a special equipment for all this business.

* And whether you knew that the general between “protein” and baby food? They are made on the same technology.

Raw materials for production of powder protein as you already guessed, are the basic milk. Milk to itself a surprising product, in it is all necessary nutrients which are necessary for human height or an animal. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, mineral substances, all this is in milk for this reason mothers feed the small children with milk.

And so, to produce protein powder which you will drink then after your training producers from milk emit serum. From here and name, seroma protein. The most popular and effective product. It is quickly acquired and saturates your muscles after the heavy training with necessary amount of proteins.

Other protein which, is also secreted from milk is called, casein. It is in cottage cheese. Cottage cheese it is also a casein protein. It we accept before going to bed that to our muscles was, than to eat during sleep.

So, the protein any not chemistry, is usual powder which by means of usual processes of souring, turns from milk. Are sure, your grandmothers or mothers did tasty cottage cheese of sour milk. You eat chemistry when you eat from a supermarket or a sausage with beer.

So nevertheless, protein: advantage or harm?

Unambiguously advantage. Protein powders are produced from natural raw materials at all dairy plants of the world. In many countries of Europe and America, protein cocktails are on sale in supermarkets and in devices selling soft drinks.

The protein is useful, in general will not affect your organism in any way. If you prefer to a good piece of meat protein cocktail, then from it the advantage any will not be and harm too. If you are in paleo nation see our list of best powders. A good power training, at once, in a locker room drink the protein powder mixed with milk and banana – there will be the true advantage. Your favorite muscles will receive “a shock dose” of protein at once and will begin to reciprocate to you, will grow and to please your eyes.

So, basic rule: we do not replace the main meal of protein cocktail, we accept only it after the training or, in a case with casein, before going to bed.

Protein powder, only addition to your main diet.

The current moment which can push away you from purchase banks with a protein is the price. Protein powders rather expensive pleasure. So you should always have the balance of quality and price, better to buy a quality product than be sorry later. But if you have limited spare cash, then safely go to the nearest shop of sports food and buy to yourself a protein jar.